Monday, November 17, 2014

SEX Tips: 3 Proven Ways to Make Doggy Style UNFORGETTABLE

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Believe it or not, rear entry position or what others called as “doggy style” is definitely one of the most certified sex positions for conveying phenomenal pleasures. However, if repeated every night (whatever time you have sex), this “pleasure adventure” could somehow become a little vanilla – ordinary.

Now, the question is... “Will you just let your doggy sex pleasures diminish?” Of course no! You have to do something dude before your queen gets bored and eventually do the adventure to your neighbourhood! (That won't happen, right?)

So here are 3 proven ways to make your doggy journeys incomparable: (I've learned these tips from some of the bewitching Brisbane escorts.)

1. The ORGASMIC Tight-legged

“Is this some sort of a yoga posture?”

Absolutely not! Perhaps, you're imagining your woman feeling pain by just following that “tight-legged position.” To be honest, you're not actually getting the perfect picture. (Fail)

Getting into the ordinary doggy position, have your seductive queen keep her legs closed.  With this, open your legs around her. Then, make her arch her back, and lean on her hands instead of leaning down and resting her elbows on the bed!

Help her maintain that stance by wrapping your hand around her hair. Plus, give her an occasional tug while you're on the drive.  The final thing...

“Gently rub her spine and even embrace her alluring waist as you thrust her!” This will make her scream with pleasure!

2. SENSATIONS from Upright Torsos

“Why torso plays a role in here?”

You don't have any idea. But the position of your torso actually plays a huge factor in your doggy-style world! In fact, positioning your torso in the right manner can lead your rear entry positions absolutely memorable!

Here's the thing, while on the said sex angle, lift your torso along with your woman's. (Yes, lift it!) In this modified style, you're now upright as you penetrate her pussy! Intensify this by letting her face the wall or bedpost. This will allow her to place her hands there (wall or bedpost) to maintain balance as you do the push and pull ritual.

You can use your free hands too! Touch her lower back and butt. Rub her shoulders and do your best in achieving a better penetration. With this, it also gives you the privilege to kiss and lick her mouth and neck! (Here you go!)

5. The Climb to the Top Action

“Mountain climbing anyone?”

Sort of... perhaps, if you'll imagine your lady as the mountain and you are the climber. Confused? Never mind.

So here's the action: While she's in the angle, remain up and shift your body right above her flirtatious butt. At that point, curve down so you can put your throbbing cock inside her.

But make sure you're well-balanced or else you may wind up falling on top of her. (Please avoid it.) Plus, place your hands on her back without pressing her down. You can utilise the help of a wall or bedpost to sustain balance, of course.

REMEMBER: Don't ever push excessively and fast  at first! Make sure that she feels great with the sensation first.

Now...”Welcome to the endless pleasure of doggy style intercourse of Brisbane Escorts!”

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