Thursday, November 7, 2013

Part two – A Captivating Siren in Queensland

Ashley arrives beautifully as he met me in my hotel room; the second part and conclusion of my erotic story with a hot Brisbane escort.

I followed her to the water while running slightly. The water was warm from the hot day that passed. The sun was setting and we swam until the water was chest deep. She was a fun and social girl. We talked about travelling and the places that we have been to. She might seem young but she is well-travelled and opinionated. We were on each other’s arms until I moved closer and closer to her. We kissed like there was no tomorrow.

I could feel her busts slip and slide my chest. Her pelvis was against my already hard shaft underneath my surfer shorts. Sensing my hardness, she teased me by moving her pelvis to and from, rubbing it lightly. It was something I have never experienced before. Sure, I was with other women but I have never been so turned on with Ashley.

We continued to hug and kiss as the sun sets. I could no longer take control of my body. My hands were rubbing on her sweet flower while the other is clutching her breasts. Ashley found a way to get back with her hands inside my shorts, rubbing my cock directly with her soft hands. She unzipped my shorts, just enough to let my shaft go through and comfortably gave me a handjob.

We looked into each other’s eyes and I could see that she was having a bit of fun. I rubbed her intensely until I could hear a moan. Suddenly, she went down on me while in chest-level water. Even if I can’t see anything underneath, I could feel her lips touch my cock. She went on and on for a couple of seconds and went up again. I kissed her intensely and after a couple of minutes she went back again to finish the job. With lots of tongue action, I came in her. My eyes rolled back with pleasure. It was like making love to the ocean goddess herself.

After that, we stayed in the water while still embraced together. We talked about lots of things before going out and getting dressed. The young people playing the guitar by the shore are all gathered near a bonfire, still singing songs not knowing what just happened in front of them. I looked towards Ashley, drying herself with a towel. I helped her get dressed and accompanied her to the showers.

After we got cleaned up, it was time to say goodbye. We thanked each other for a magnificent and exciting time. I gave her a tip as a token of my appreciation. I watched her drove off until she vanished in the horizon. I felt sad that she had to leave but it is what it is.

One thing is for sure, I will see Ashley again sometime soon.

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