Monday, October 21, 2013

An Escort Erotic Story: A Captivating Siren in Queensland

I am a beach fan. I have always loved the beach ever since I was a child. Every time I travel, I always check out the nearest resorts and take time to enjoy the sun, the sand and the waves. Aside from the simple pleasures of hitting the beach, I get to check out sexy girls in bikinis. By the time you read that sentence, you probably think I’m a horn dog but all men who hit the beach are there to check out the babes; I am just a slave to my genetic makeup.

You could say that I’m a hippie minus all the facial hair and smell. I love the natural flow of things and being spontaneous. I have a good paying job and I live for my own. Looking for some fun, I decided to check out some of the hottest girls in Australia. Not that I’m feeling lonely or anything, I was just curious what these girls are really like. Whenever I browse around the Internet, I always see ads about escorting and decided to try it myself.

I did my research, made a couple of phone calls and I got hooked up with a girl I met over the Internet. Her name was Ashley  and she was from a legitimate website with all the contact details, photos and info that I need. I even read a couple reviews about her. Some of them were pretty detailed with the blow by blow description; it turned me on somehow. I wasn’t expecting anything extravagant or amazing to happen as what the ads always say. I was just up for it out of the curiosity. Ashley and I agreed to meet by the beach and maybe catch a drink or two.

When it was time to meet up, the beach was empty with almost no people playing with the sand and water; just a couple of guys playing with a guitar as they watched the sun go down. The air was warm and the wind was light; almost perfect for a romantic stroll by the shore. Fate really likes to play on us, I thought and just when I looked up, I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. She was wearing shorts, a loose, see-through shirt with long dark hair and beautiful curves. I could see that she was wearing a dark bikini underneath.

“Mr. Adams, I read you like to hit the beach, so I got myself ready.” I heard her say my name and it was like the sound of angels. Wow! She is a like a siren, captivating me with her song. She is nothing like her photos on the website; I hit jackpot. After handing out her fee in a brown envelope, I talked to her about what she thought about the beach. Ashley took off her see-through top and shorts and said: “It’s an opportunity for fun.” which are the answers I’m looking for.
What follows next will be revealed on our next post so watch out. Meanwhile, you can view a number of Queensland escorts now available for your bookings in Australia!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Gallery Featuring the Best Brisbane Escort Girls

Amber Green

Anabel Busty

Ana Thea Maye

Aubrey Black

Kamryn Rae

Layla Leons

Brooke Michaels

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