Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Erotic Story Time - My Experience with a Hot Latina Escort

It was 8:00PM in Brisbane. I was waiting for Sasha - the girl of my dreams and a Brisbane escortat my hotel lobby for a fancy dinner. It was my first time to hire an escort and if it turned out well, it wouldn’t be the last. I met Sasha in an online adult forum when I was searching for a companion on my business trip to Queensland. We exchanged emails and finally settled to meet here.

After 10 minutes of waiting, I saw this beautiful, exotic Latina girl approaching me. If she was Sasha, she is way more than I expected. Wearing a body-hugging white dress and red shoes, her hair was long and wavy, framing her heart-shaped face and I notice her charming green eyes. I had rendered speechless of how beautiful Sasha is.

We said conducted our formalities and went on to a fine dinner. It surprised my how comfortable I am with her. It’s like my anxiety just fluttered away when I saw her walking towards me. Her aura brought out the confidence in me. She wasn’t intimidating like most of the girl that I meet in bars, she was friendly, a great conversationalist and social. I felt like I could talk to her forever; the feeling of meeting an old friend.

“I know you’re craving for dessert.” she gave me a suggestive smile. I can’t fathom how excited I am to make love to this girl. Seeing her on clothes stunned me to my knees, how am I to react to see her wonderful body lying naked next to me? Thoughts were rushing in and I could almost feel my cock grow hard.

I lead her to my hotel room where we settled for the payment as quickly as we can. It seems that the wine over dinner took over. I could feel her pheromones affecting me like a butterfly to a sweet flower. She found my thirsty lips and kissed me passionately. My hands were on her hips and all over her body.

As I lead her to the bed, we took our clothes off, leaving a trail of garments all the way to the bedroom. She was a really good kisser and gave me a hard on almost instantly. She pushed me down the bed and took off my knickers. I never have imagined having sex with a woman as hot as Sasha, never in my life.

Kissing my legs, starting from my thighs all the way to my stomach while giving my hard cock a massage, I could feel her passion and enthusiasm. She licked her lips and started kissing the head. The intensity and passion almost set me on orgasm. I could see my shaft disappearing and reappearing inside her mouth and it was a sight worth seeing.

We went on 69 to return the favor. As intense as her BJ, I licked, sucked and fingered her now wet pussy. Sasha moaned a little while slowly saying “fuck”. I never knew I could still do it after a long time of dry spell.

Out came the condom and as soon as I put it on, I let my cock slip and slide her pussy and guided it to her. Slowly, I penetrated her on missionary. I could clearly see how pleased she is with my hard member. As I moved faster and faster, her eyes were rolling back on their sockets.She moaned louder, screaming “FUCK me!” What would a man do but oblige to her woman’s request.

Faster and faster, we switched positions to doggy to get in deeper. Her tightness, muscle control and her moans brought me to the point of no return. It was the sweetest, erotic and passionate ten seconds of my life.

I know she still has a little spirit in her. Continuing to please her, my mouth found its way to her wet pussy. I used two fingers to fuck her again while my tongue is stimulating her clit. I kissed it passionately until she was screaming obscenities. She came on my face with her juices spitting around. “You bad girl”.

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