Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Getting Frisky: Five Weird Places to have Sex

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When it comes to having sex, we always see a couple in a king sized bed probably at a hotel or at home but your bedroom is not the only place where you can get kinky with your partner, that’s if you’re not caught. Here are some of the weird but still acceptable places to have sex in no particular order.

  1. The Library. If you are looking for another reason to go to the library aside from borrowing books, then here it is. As long as the both of you do it in silence, then why not right? With the towering shelves, tables and chairs, you can have your way with your partner as long as you’re not caught.
  2. A Conference Room. Ah, the usual big boss and secretary scene, it either has to be an office or a conference room. Like the library, there are chairs that you can use on your sexy time as long as it is after hours and no security cameras watching the both of you. Life in the office will never be boring knowing this.
  3. Take it to the Stairwell. If you have run out of places in your apartment to make love, try the stairwell. The steps can help you out with your positions plus if there’s an elevator in your building, nobody would take the stairs right? Make sure the place is clean and comfortable too.
  4. Under a dining table? If you want something a bit risky, try giving oral sex to your partner under a restaurant table. If the opportunity exists like draped, large tables with only the two of you in it, why not? Your partner might have to make an excuse on where you went but hey, it will be totally worth it.
  5. Having sex while driving?! As we go down this list, the more and more exciting it gets. This might be a little bit dangerous, especially for those who just earned their driving license. Drive your partner and perhaps your car crazy while making love under the wheel. Try not to get caught on traffic cameras, that’s a challenge.

Having sex requires privacy and space but for many couples that like to live their life on the edge, why not take it to the next level? Like I said, as long as you’re not caught with any security cameras or with human eyes, why not right? Give in to your desires with your partner.

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