Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grossly Pleasurable: 10 Weird Facts about Sex

Sex is one of the most natural instincts that all humans have. It is a pleasurable and rather entertaining way of being close to another human being. In the field of psychology, it is said that sex brings many couples closer to each other and it tightens their relationship. But despite the benefits that it entails, we still think it weird, awkward and sometimes gross to sleep with a fellow human being. To amp up the bizarre features of sex, here are some weird sex facts:

  1. Men release testosterone during hardcore and sweaty sexy time. This may sound revolting but release of testosterone from men is a biological turn on for females.
  2. There are 500 different types of bacteria that live in your mouth and 50 percent of them live on your tongue. If you are French kissing somebody, literally it is a dirty kiss.
  3. More than 400, 000, 000 people have sex every single day or to put on perspective 1 out of 17 people you meet had sex. Around the world 4,000 individuals are having sex. We are really rocking the world... literally.
  4. Having problems achieving orgasm? Just turn up the thermostat and you will have wilder orgasms. The body has natural heaters called vasocongestion which turns up your body heat to encourage your climax.
  5. You may want to pay attention if you are trying to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Pelvic spasms during female orgasms actually push up sperm to fertilize the egg.
  6. Seventy percent of seventy year old men can still get a boner. We are wondering why grandma is happy hearing about this fact.
  7. Endorphins that are released during sex can actually relieve headaches. Ask your partner if she is feeling ill or having headaches, she might just need endorphins to cheer up.
  8. Men who have two penises are not a modern day mystery. Dating back the 1600’s, a physician found a man with two functional schlongs, ever since more than 80 cases were reported throughout history.
  9. If you think high powered cars are the only fast accelerating equipment you can get your hands on, think again. Pleasurable sensations from your vagina to your brain can reach up to 156mp/h; that’s at par with a ferrari.
  10. Erotic Asphyxiation is hitting a new trend in American record. Almost 500 people every year die because of cutting oxygen to the brain to experience optimum orgasm. It is also how death claimed Michael Hutchence of INXS.
 Others may find these facts revolting or entertaining; either which, these things are real and can be quite bizarre but that is what makes sex interesting. It may be the reason why men and women work so hard to find the perfect match. Sex is one of the most natural part of life. Give in to pleasure and satisfaction with our Queensland Escorts. Find out more about these lovely high class companions on our main Brisbane escort page. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Etiquette to Find the Ideal Date among Queensland Escorts

Are you one of those men who have never tried hiring a lady escort? Are you curious what it’s like to be in the arms of a very beautiful companion? Then you are lucky to have stumbled on to this post for it could help you make the first successful booking with the sultry Queensland escorts.

To easily get hooked up with a private girl, you should always keep in mind the right way to act and speak. There’s always the risk of offending these lady courtesans. Remember to respect these ladies as much as possible because if you are crude or condescending then she might not even accept the booking.

1. Escort Reviews. When you are about to book an escort for the first time, do some research and read reviews about various escorting services and escort agencies. Some Australian escort agencies have sites with interactive platforms that visitors can certainly pick up on. They also provide individual profiles of private girls with reviews submitted by their respective customers.

2. Get started by clicking banner ads provided by escort directory sites. These lead you to the main domain. In Australia, you can find escorts in Perth, Brisbane escorts, Tasmania Escorts, Queensland escorts and all major cities in Australia where these ladies are available.

3. Make the initial contact. It’s now time to make your move. Escort sites usually have an online form for booking a chosen escort. Be polite when sending an email or message to the private girl. Never send blatant and pathetic messages like “I wanna bang you ‘til we are in heaven”, and other crass openings like that. Do so and these girls will likely ditch you.

4. Verify the meet-up arrangements. Once your chosen escort made a reply, she will call you up and verify your identity. This will appease her concerns and you ought to ensure that your personal records are clean and that you won’t abuse the service of an escort.

5. Eyeball-Kiss and Tell. In this phase, you will finally meet up with the lady you have booked. Get to know each other well and talk about any topics. She can blend well as modern Queensland escorts and others these days are educated, professional and smart.

Dating a Queensland escort is not rocket science; you do what feels natural, like on a regular date. Find interesting articles and escort etiquette in our blogs.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eargasmic! 6 Songs that you would Love to Make Love to

One of the most active senses when having sex are your sense of hearing. It can be a huge turn on to hear your partner moan from pleasure or perhaps play dirty talk on you. Sex is greatly enhanced by the sounds that you hear while making love. Listening to music is a romantic and sexy gesture for audiophiles around the world. Here is a great list of songs that you would love making love to:

  1. Motivation by Keri Hilson feat. Lil’ Wayne. If you like pop and hiphop, you are going to love this song. Soothing beats, amazing vocals and sexy lyrics is what it is about. You can move to the sexy rhythm and listen intently to the seductive lyrics and who knows, you might get ideas on how to make love to your woman.
  2. Strobe from Deadmau5. If you are an electronic music fan, Strobe is one of the most eargasmic electronic dance music there is. There are no lyrics you can pay attention to, just awesome eargasmic synths and beats.
  3. Somebody by Depeche Mode. For those who like it slow and steady, this 80’s hit is one of the best songs to make love to. You can move to the rhythm and be romantic with the lyrics as you whisper how you love your partner.
  4. Your Latest Trick by Dire Straits. Another one from the 80’s, this eargasmic song is one of my favorites. The sexy sax in this song is equal to the guitar riff from Stairway to Heaven. Sexy, slow and sensual, this is a perfect song for those qualities.
  5. Summer Love from Justin Timberlake. JT has a reputation  for making super sexy songs with his voice and amazing beats. Listen to the lyrics; internalize the thought and apply it to how to make love to your girl.
  6. Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer. John Mayer had dated the hottest girls in Hollywood because he’s an amazing lyricist and a sweet talker. Take it from this song, sexy, upbeat and sending “happy” thoughts. I’d make love to it for sure.

Feel free to add yours in the comment section! Or check out more of our articles in the blog. Hot Escorts in Australia are now waiting for you.

5 Best Brothels in Queensland, Brisbane

Australia is one of the first few countries that have permitted the adult entertainment business within their shores. Because of this, the red light district in every major city down south is as bright as the lights in Vegas. Brisbane has its own share of the best brothels in the country. Here are some of them in no particular order:

  1. The Viper Room. Located just 5-10 minutes in Brisbane’s Central Business District (CBD) in Fairfield Road, the Viper Room is a 5-Star brothel with over 50 hot girls all willing to make your fantasies come true. They are open 24 hours a day to its patrons, charging $250 an hour. The brothel had received a lot of great reviews all over the internet and is quite famous in Queensland.
  2. Cleo’s on Nile. Just 8 minutes by cab from Brisbane’s CBD near Niles Street, Woolloongabba, Cleo’s on Nile is the best choice if you are looking for Asian, Indian and Australian girls. They’re a well-received because of their service and they also have escort services available. At $240 an hour, you can have a great time with their erotic vixens.
  3. Asian Star Brothel. Located in Meadow Avenue, Cooper Plans, Asian Star is a great choice when looking for a an all-Asian treat. From Singaporean girls, Thai and Japanese, they have what you are looking for. For $220 an hour, you can fulfill your Asian girl fantasies here.
  4. Yimi 476 Brothel. Just 20 minutes from Brisbane’s central district, Yimi 476 is a good choice when satisfying your lust for Asian women. They have great customer service, the rooms are clean and comfortable and the girls are spectacular. You would have a hard time choosing the right girl!
  5. Intimate Encounters Brothel. What is great about this place is that it is easy to find, just 10 minutes from CBD in Brewer, St. Clontarf. They are open from Sun-Thur, 10AM-2AM and Friday and Saturday 10AM-5AM. For $230, you get what you are looking for from Asian, Australian and European girls.

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