Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top 10 Must-Try Sex positions

Brisbane High Class Escort

It is not new for Brisbane escourts to give more than just companionship to their clients. These ladies also give full services to their clients to maximize the fun and excitement. Along with that, these women also know how to tickle a man’s fancy through various sex positions.

Sex positions can be a wonderful addition to having an exciting private time with your partner or with an escort. So why stay in one position, when you can try a whole lot more? Here are top 10 sex positions that you and your partner/escort can try.
  1. Lateral coital position or “Master and Johnson”. This position is almost similar to a woman on top missionary position but instead of relying on her partner both of them rely on the bed for support giving full pelvic motion and utmost pleasure.
  2. Reverse spoon. If you are tired of the old “spooning” why don’t you try it backwards? All you need to do pin your body against her legs, penetrating her upside down which allows a few inches extra fun.
  3. Bending over backwards. Do something raunchier to your partner by doing it in the living room sofa. This position is characterized with the woman lying in the corner of the bed with legs open hanging from the backrest of the sofa.
  4. Lap dancing cowgirl. The cowgirl is a pleasurable sex position in itself. You can spice it up with a little bit of lap dancing. What you need to do is sit on a sturdy chair, preferably without armrests and your kinky cowgirl can then sit on your lap, giving her total control.
  5. Standing tall. Or as the Kama sutra describes it, “standing congress” which can be really great in tight spaces such as a shower. As suggested, the both of you need to be in standing position gripping her by the legs while she supports herself through your shoulders.
  6. The snow plow. This almost similar to a missionary but instead of laying her limbs, she raises her legs all the way to her head. You can then give her pleasure by penetrating her with her heels on your shoulders, very kinky.
  7. The lazy dog. For a more sensual and passionate experience, the lazy dog is great for those mornings that you want to get it on with your partner. Slow, sensual but still very passionate.
  8. The Splitter. For people that are looking to spice up their “moments” with their partners, splitters can be a good chance to explore your flexibility but this is not for those who have cramps easily. As suggested from the name, she can do the front or cowgirl split while you penetrate her from underneath.
  9. The Butterfly effect. One of the most popular positions in kama sutra, the butterfly effect is almost similar to the cowgirl but she is laying back, giving her support and total control. It is also a very passionate sex position giving you a good view of your partner.
  10. Deep impact. For couples that are looking for intense passion when it comes to sex, deep impact is a must try. This is done with the woman laying in the edge of the bed while you pull or position yourself to a straddle split giving you total pelvic motion, gravity and everything in between.
Whether you are going out with your partner or a Brisbane Escort these sex positions are a must try.

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