Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Raunchiest Brisbane Escorts to Spice up your Holidays!

If you are looking for some hot and horny time in the red light district, whether you are a tourist or a local citizen in Brisbane, the best Queensland escorts are now available for bookings during the Holidays. We know how much you just want to cherish and relax with the company of a sensual and seductive woman.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Brisbane Escorts: Your Amazing Tension Busters

Corresponding to a recent survey, stress is one of the top five factors why humans get sick. Without dropping that accumulated stress, the body's immune mechanism weakens. It’s then a matter of time before the body is unable to fight sickness and requires that sick leave.

The usual targets for this sickness are the industry experts that are working for eight hours a day. Others maybe in the confines of their company booth, but the strain and anxiety that they get is sometimes twice than a person working the location. The same every day job load or tasks also adds to level of stress that they acquire. The health community treats stress as a symptom of a disease or a caution for a emerging attack. That’s why, they highly recommend to constantly release that accumulated stress to furthermore improve your body protection against health issues.

There are bunches of stress busting methods out there that one can try out. Some of the most common ideas are, sports, exercise, games, and even viewing a comedic movie would help a lot. Still, the excellent anxiety removal system is taken care of only by expert persons that will burn your entire stress bye bye.

Kylie Sweet Brisbane Escort
The sexy escort girls from Brisbane are the best stress freeing experts. With the skills and training that they have received, they are certified personnel in the field.They are professional escorts, which will provide you the best stress busting stroke you would ever feel.

Their services include, erotic massage therapy, perfect for aching muscles and stiff areas of your stressed body. The girl friend experience is the perfect service for the lonely gentlemen. Disguises and dress ups, for that unique satisfaction you are looking for. Also, you do not need to be concerned about what happens between the two of you, because that these beautiful companions are private Brisbane escorts that will absolutely not spill the beans of your own grand time with them.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Part two – A Captivating Siren in Queensland

Ashley arrives beautifully as he met me in my hotel room; the second part and conclusion of my erotic story with a hot Brisbane escort.

I followed her to the water while running slightly. The water was warm from the hot day that passed. The sun was setting and we swam until the water was chest deep. She was a fun and social girl. We talked about travelling and the places that we have been to. She might seem young but she is well-travelled and opinionated. We were on each other’s arms until I moved closer and closer to her. We kissed like there was no tomorrow.

I could feel her busts slip and slide my chest. Her pelvis was against my already hard shaft underneath my surfer shorts. Sensing my hardness, she teased me by moving her pelvis to and from, rubbing it lightly. It was something I have never experienced before. Sure, I was with other women but I have never been so turned on with Ashley.

We continued to hug and kiss as the sun sets. I could no longer take control of my body. My hands were rubbing on her sweet flower while the other is clutching her breasts. Ashley found a way to get back with her hands inside my shorts, rubbing my cock directly with her soft hands. She unzipped my shorts, just enough to let my shaft go through and comfortably gave me a handjob.

We looked into each other’s eyes and I could see that she was having a bit of fun. I rubbed her intensely until I could hear a moan. Suddenly, she went down on me while in chest-level water. Even if I can’t see anything underneath, I could feel her lips touch my cock. She went on and on for a couple of seconds and went up again. I kissed her intensely and after a couple of minutes she went back again to finish the job. With lots of tongue action, I came in her. My eyes rolled back with pleasure. It was like making love to the ocean goddess herself.

After that, we stayed in the water while still embraced together. We talked about lots of things before going out and getting dressed. The young people playing the guitar by the shore are all gathered near a bonfire, still singing songs not knowing what just happened in front of them. I looked towards Ashley, drying herself with a towel. I helped her get dressed and accompanied her to the showers.

After we got cleaned up, it was time to say goodbye. We thanked each other for a magnificent and exciting time. I gave her a tip as a token of my appreciation. I watched her drove off until she vanished in the horizon. I felt sad that she had to leave but it is what it is.

One thing is for sure, I will see Ashley again sometime soon.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

An Escort Erotic Story: A Captivating Siren in Queensland

I am a beach fan. I have always loved the beach ever since I was a child. Every time I travel, I always check out the nearest resorts and take time to enjoy the sun, the sand and the waves. Aside from the simple pleasures of hitting the beach, I get to check out sexy girls in bikinis. By the time you read that sentence, you probably think I’m a horn dog but all men who hit the beach are there to check out the babes; I am just a slave to my genetic makeup.

You could say that I’m a hippie minus all the facial hair and smell. I love the natural flow of things and being spontaneous. I have a good paying job and I live for my own. Looking for some fun, I decided to check out some of the hottest girls in Australia. Not that I’m feeling lonely or anything, I was just curious what these girls are really like. Whenever I browse around the Internet, I always see ads about escorting and decided to try it myself.

I did my research, made a couple of phone calls and I got hooked up with a girl I met over the Internet. Her name was Ashley  and she was from a legitimate website with all the contact details, photos and info that I need. I even read a couple reviews about her. Some of them were pretty detailed with the blow by blow description; it turned me on somehow. I wasn’t expecting anything extravagant or amazing to happen as what the ads always say. I was just up for it out of the curiosity. Ashley and I agreed to meet by the beach and maybe catch a drink or two.

When it was time to meet up, the beach was empty with almost no people playing with the sand and water; just a couple of guys playing with a guitar as they watched the sun go down. The air was warm and the wind was light; almost perfect for a romantic stroll by the shore. Fate really likes to play on us, I thought and just when I looked up, I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. She was wearing shorts, a loose, see-through shirt with long dark hair and beautiful curves. I could see that she was wearing a dark bikini underneath.

“Mr. Adams, I read you like to hit the beach, so I got myself ready.” I heard her say my name and it was like the sound of angels. Wow! She is a like a siren, captivating me with her song. She is nothing like her photos on the website; I hit jackpot. After handing out her fee in a brown envelope, I talked to her about what she thought about the beach. Ashley took off her see-through top and shorts and said: “It’s an opportunity for fun.” which are the answers I’m looking for.
What follows next will be revealed on our next post so watch out. Meanwhile, you can view a number of Queensland escorts now available for your bookings in Australia!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Gallery Featuring the Best Brisbane Escort Girls

Amber Green

Anabel Busty

Ana Thea Maye

Aubrey Black

Kamryn Rae

Layla Leons

Brooke Michaels

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunny Queensland with the Hottest Escort girls in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Queensland is a major tourist spot in Australia but aside from the usual surf and sand, the city is also home to many Gold Coast and Brisbane escorts. These ladies are not the usual girls you see on the streets, they are high class girls that would give quality intimate services to their elite clients.

Gold Coast, Queensland is no exception to the naughty secret that lies in Queensland. Gold Coast escorts are available for bookings in the area; and like Brisbane escort girls, these ladies can give you the satisfaction and fulfillment in sex.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Best Australian Escorts now on Tour to Queensland!

Touring is one of the best ways for an escort to earn extra income while traveling. Many escorts in Australia occasionally tour other Australian cities to cater to their clients and lovers outside their state. This September, Brisbane, Queensland is going to be filled with the hottest escorts in the industry from different states in Australia. If you are looking for the hottest and newest touring escorts in Brisbane, here are the girls that can make all your erotic dreams come true:

Sheena Ray
Touring for the second time, Sheena Ray is one of the best ebony escorts to hit Australian shores. Opting for a more personal experience with her clients, Sheena gave up her porn career for an intimate time with the loving Aussie bachelors in the country. She will be available in Brisbane on the 3rd to the 9th.

Marina Lee
All the way from Brazil, Marina Lee can give you the feeling of erotic excitement with her super sexy body plus a very seductive Latina accent. Marina is currently based in Sydney but she will be touring Brisbane on the 11th to the 16th of September.

Katy Hot
This exotic European babe will give Brisbane one hell of an erotic time. Using her voluptuous and naturally gorgeous body, she can seduce any bachelor. In between the sheets, Katy is a certified vixen with skilled hands and mouth, only for your satisfaction. She will cater to her lovers in Brisbane on the 6th to the 13th of October.

Ivy Cavalli
Bringing her beauty and sensuality from Sydney, Ivy is now ready to take advanced bookings from her lovers in Brisbane. With her ‘Poison Ivy’ specialty and her lustrous body, you can’t help but fall for her good looks and grace. Make your bookings on the 23rd to the 25th of October for her upcoming tour to the city.

Sofia Roma
Another Latina beauty on our arsenal, Sofia Roma is from the beautiful city of Rome. Sofia is fresh from Europe to cater to her loving clients in Australia. She is a fun and energetic companion with a naughty side. Sofia will be available in Brisbane on 10th to the 14th of September.

Queensland had never been this hot with all the girls touring the state. There are more Brisbane escort girls that are touring the area. Find out for yourself in our Queensland Brisbane escort gallery on our main site. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

6 Weird Places to have Sex

Play hard in the Car

Having sex is almost as important as where to have sex. While some of us are content with the usual hotel or bedroom scene, there are individuals that take their experience to the next level with the places they have sex in. The feeling of excitement and the adrenaline rush seem to make sex in weird (sometimes public) places pleasurable and intense. It is up to you if you want to risk getting caught or not. So to give you a lowdown, here are some weird (often discouraged) places to have sex.

  1. Public Bathrooms. Whether male or female bathrooms, this is one of the most places why people get arrested for public indecency for having sex in public. You can do it in a church bathroom, convenience store stalls and even on church bathrooms (you are probably going to hell for it if there is one).
  2. Parking lots. Depending on how many people are in a parking lot, you can definitely get the sexual rush you are looking for here. It is probably best if you avoid all those open parking spots and opt for underground lots because it is darker and with less people around.
  3. In a public pool. You know how cautious we are about swimming in pools because it contains pee? Now be more scared because public pools are no longer safe for weird places to have sex. There was even this viral video on facebook of two people caught having sex in a pool filled with swimmers!
  4. In a car. When there are parking lots, there are cars. Because of it’s cramped space, switching positions can be a hard tasks, especially for a quickie. Oral sex is best suited for couples. While on the wheel, you can finger your partner while he gives you a BJ.
  5. Elevators. Elevators are no stranger to people having sex. Aside from the elevated transport service, it is also a weird spots for quickies, especially for a long trip up or down. The only setback is, you can never be too sure when the elevators will open which contributes to the sexual rush.
  6. Cemetery. Except for dead people, a cemetery is actually a good place to have sex. There are less people around, you can hide in a bush or behind a tree (or a tombstone) and there is lots of extra space. You can even visit your dead relatives while you’re having fun.

The great thing about sex is that you can be as imaginative as you can be as to where or when you want to have sex with your partner. Why don’t you just chill and relax while overlooking the Australian sunset with Escorts in Brisbane? Find out more about these intimate companions and how they can enhance your sex life.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Erotic Story Time - My Experience with a Hot Latina Escort

It was 8:00PM in Brisbane. I was waiting for Sasha - the girl of my dreams and a Brisbane escortat my hotel lobby for a fancy dinner. It was my first time to hire an escort and if it turned out well, it wouldn’t be the last. I met Sasha in an online adult forum when I was searching for a companion on my business trip to Queensland. We exchanged emails and finally settled to meet here.

After 10 minutes of waiting, I saw this beautiful, exotic Latina girl approaching me. If she was Sasha, she is way more than I expected. Wearing a body-hugging white dress and red shoes, her hair was long and wavy, framing her heart-shaped face and I notice her charming green eyes. I had rendered speechless of how beautiful Sasha is.

We said conducted our formalities and went on to a fine dinner. It surprised my how comfortable I am with her. It’s like my anxiety just fluttered away when I saw her walking towards me. Her aura brought out the confidence in me. She wasn’t intimidating like most of the girl that I meet in bars, she was friendly, a great conversationalist and social. I felt like I could talk to her forever; the feeling of meeting an old friend.

“I know you’re craving for dessert.” she gave me a suggestive smile. I can’t fathom how excited I am to make love to this girl. Seeing her on clothes stunned me to my knees, how am I to react to see her wonderful body lying naked next to me? Thoughts were rushing in and I could almost feel my cock grow hard.

I lead her to my hotel room where we settled for the payment as quickly as we can. It seems that the wine over dinner took over. I could feel her pheromones affecting me like a butterfly to a sweet flower. She found my thirsty lips and kissed me passionately. My hands were on her hips and all over her body.

As I lead her to the bed, we took our clothes off, leaving a trail of garments all the way to the bedroom. She was a really good kisser and gave me a hard on almost instantly. She pushed me down the bed and took off my knickers. I never have imagined having sex with a woman as hot as Sasha, never in my life.

Kissing my legs, starting from my thighs all the way to my stomach while giving my hard cock a massage, I could feel her passion and enthusiasm. She licked her lips and started kissing the head. The intensity and passion almost set me on orgasm. I could see my shaft disappearing and reappearing inside her mouth and it was a sight worth seeing.

We went on 69 to return the favor. As intense as her BJ, I licked, sucked and fingered her now wet pussy. Sasha moaned a little while slowly saying “fuck”. I never knew I could still do it after a long time of dry spell.

Out came the condom and as soon as I put it on, I let my cock slip and slide her pussy and guided it to her. Slowly, I penetrated her on missionary. I could clearly see how pleased she is with my hard member. As I moved faster and faster, her eyes were rolling back on their sockets.She moaned louder, screaming “FUCK me!” What would a man do but oblige to her woman’s request.

Faster and faster, we switched positions to doggy to get in deeper. Her tightness, muscle control and her moans brought me to the point of no return. It was the sweetest, erotic and passionate ten seconds of my life.

I know she still has a little spirit in her. Continuing to please her, my mouth found its way to her wet pussy. I used two fingers to fuck her again while my tongue is stimulating her clit. I kissed it passionately until she was screaming obscenities. She came on my face with her juices spitting around. “You bad girl”.